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We are based in Gothenburg and on Danish Læsø, but you do not have to be. We have customers both in Sweden and abroad, and our employees are located in several locations. Whether you have an interesting project, want to work with us or just ask a question, we welcome you with open arms.


Supporting our clients and their businesses are an important part of our work. If you are already a customer of ours and want to get in touch with our support, call +46 31-187080 or send an email to support@webmind.se

If you are not already a client but want to know more about what we can offer, it is great to contact us by email and we will take it from there.

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We ensure that companies, products and services have a place in the future. Do you want to be involved in building the websites of the future? In your journey with Webmind, you are guaranteed to develop existing, but also new skills. The most important question is, what can we learn from each other?

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Pumpgatan 1
417 55 Göteborg

Our new head office is located in Gothenburg on Lindholmen. We are now at United Spaces in Uni3 by Geely

Læsø, Danmark

Læsø, Danmark

Strandkanten 5 
Vesterø Havn. 9940 Læsø, Danmark

Our branch office in Denmark is located on the island of Læsø just outside Fredrikshamn. Here we have our administration and contact for our Danish partners and customers.

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The team behind Webmind

Poornima Nayar at webmind an umbraco agency

Poornima Nayar

Per Axelsson at webmind, an umbraco agency

Per Axelsson

Ester Sandström at webmind, an umbraco agency

Ester Sandström


Jens Josefsson at webmind, an umbraco agency

Jens Josefsson


Elena Svensson Reutova at webmind an umbraco agency

Elena Svensson Reutova

Beatrice Larsson at webmind, an umbraco agency

Beatrice Larsson

Zandra Sjöberg Webmind Umbraco

Zandra Sjöberg


Carl Franke at webmind an umbraco agency

Carl Franke

Jonathan Allgulin at webmind an umbraco agency

Jonathan Allgulin

Emma Trollpil at webmind an umbraco agency

Emma Trollpil


Joakim Kullberg

Joakim Kullberg

Shaheed ulHaq at webmind an umbraco agency

Shaheed ulHaq

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