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Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is the world's largest open source CMS based on .NET. It is a flexible and user-friendly CMS that is easy to develop to suit the client's wishes. We use Umbraco to build everything from simple websites, intranets to large e-commerce sites. Since it is an open source, you do not need to spend parts of your budget on licensing fees, but instead invest in the expertise of the developers so that they can adapt the solution to deliver as good an end product as possible.

Biggest benefits of Umbraco CMS

  • User friendly
  • Flexible
  • License free
  • High security
  • Affordable option
  • A CMS you can grow with

We are an Umbraco Gold Partner

Being a Gold Partner is a proof of our expertise and commitment with the platform. It is a support for us and a security for you as a customer. As a Gold Partner, we work with high demands, and in return we receive offers, opportunities, information, dialogue, support and advice in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse

Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse

“The official stamp of Umbraco Cloud expertise for Umbraco Partners”. A proof of our expertise in the cloud service “Umbraco Cloud”. We have both experience and expertise enough to ensure successful projects with Umbraco Cloud.

Umbraco Contributing partner

Umbraco Contributing partner

The title "Contributing Partner" was introduced to highlight the partners who run the extra mile for continued growth of the platform. Choosing a Gold Partner that also has this title means working with a close and committed partner who actively promotes Umbraco's ecosystem.

Webmind has always been a part of the family - all due to their outstanding Umbraco skills and heartfelt dedication in the Swedish Umbraco community. With this natural step of entering the Gold Partner family, I am so thrilled to welcome Webmind officially!
Anders Trans Sørensen
Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

Are you looking for an agency with a black belt in Umbraco?

Then you have come to the right place! We are here for you, regardless of whether you want to start a completely new project or want to grown and develop an existing website.

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