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How should public sector organizations approach CMS selection?

In today's digitalized world, choosing the appropriate Content Management System (CMS) is crucial for public sector organizations. With a more pronounced focus on security and accessibility, finding a platform that fulfills these requirements without compromising usability and functionality poses a challenge. Another factor to consider is that, like many other countries, Sweden heavily relies on Microsoft's various solutions for public sector infrastructure. This underscores the importance of investing in compatible programs and web solutions that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft. With increasing demands for security and risk management, where sensitive information requires protection and tracking limitations, accessing the data we use becomes exceedingly crucial. This allows us to prevent/minimize risks and maintain control over digital activities within our organizations.

There are several reasons why Open-Source is a suitable, if not better, choice for public sector organizations. To mention just a few of the key advantages:

License - free


High level of control

Why Umbraco is the solution for public sector organizations

Umbraco is the world's most used Open-Source CMS within .Net, and there are compelling reasons behind its widespread adoption. Being Open-Source enables Umbraco to facilitate a transparent and collaborative development process. This means that thousands of developers worldwide actively contribute to improving the platform, resulting in a constantly updated and secure product.

Umbraco stands out as a prominent choice for public sector organizations seeking efficient and user-friendly digitization solutions. Several major organizations in Sweden but internationally, turn to Umbraco to initiate their Open-Source solutions. Some notable examples include the Council of the European Union, Liverpool City Council, the Danish Ministry of Taxation, and the British Army. Additionally, Swedish public sector entities such as the Swedish Veterinary Agency (SVA), Alebyggen, and Mellerud Municipality (some of our clients).

As an Open-Source CMS, Umbraco gives organizations full control over their website and source code. Additionally, Umbraco offers built-in tools for working with WCAG, making it easy to meet accessibility requirements and ensure that your public sector reaches all visitors equally.

Advantages of Umbraco CMS:

Umbraco CMS boasts a range of benefits that are advantageous for public sector organizations in developing their digital presence. These benefits span from economic advantages to quality and efficiency in work. To mention just a few:

  • License-free
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure and accessible
  • A strong base of Microsoft technologies

Furthermore, Umbraco is supported by an active and engaged community as well as several commercial entities that can offer support and assistance as needed. This means that organizations are independent of Umbraco and can assist customers based on their needs. Umbraco not only provides high security and accessibility but also a quick learning curve for users. This in turn means that the organization's team can swiftly and effectively start using Umbraco, resulting in heightened productivity and the possibility to attain company goals within specified timeframes.

How Webmind can assist your organization

As an experienced web development agency specializing in Umbraco with experience working with several public sector organizations, we at Webmind can be your partner throughout the process – from production to management.

We understand the unique needs and challenges within the public sector but also the importance of creating seamless digital experiences for users. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet your needs and goals.

By choosing Umbraco and collaborating with Webmind, your organization can rest assured that you have chosen a highly secure and reliable CMS option for public sector organizations.

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