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First class web solutions - made with both heart and mind. We believe that honesty and empathy are equally important as technological hard skills in order to offer the right solutions.



We measure and improve how we can become better together, both internally and for you as a client. We are stronger together. 

We Like to Have Fun Too!

We Like to Have Fun Too!

Having a workplace that brings pleasure and fun is of essence at Webmind. Both for the company’s- but also for the employees sake. We like to have fun - which can result in an After Work, celebrate projects or whatever that brings joy to the team.

In constant movement

In constant movement

The web is constantly evolving, as is our clients’ needs. That is why we constantly work with expanding our competencies by challenging what we know about the world around us. 

It all began in 2004..

The exponentially growing technology was a fact and Jens Josefsson carried a vision. How might one unite business strategy with design and functionality, and let these disciplines act as a foundation for building websites? This question was explored at a small office in Gothenburg, and would furthermore pave the way for the very same Webmind that you see here today. 

The years passed, and the vision started taking shape. The company was given new life, as Emma Trollpil entered the building as partner and co-owner. Her entrance made way for expansion and Webmind opened the doors to new possibilities, and new offices in central Gothenburg. 

Webmind and its’ staff had now mastered the building of web and e-commerce. By building these platforms through Microsofts technologies one could at this point guarantee a secure website for the client. But there was something missing. Webmind was still a relatively small agency, and to take a serious step forward, something extraordinary was needed. The company needed to deliver flexible and functional solutions without compromising quality. That is when we fell for Umbraco as a CMS.

Webmind becomes Webmind

In 2013, we discovered Umbraco. We became active early on in the Swedish Umbraco community where we continuously began to arrange workshops to develop related skills. We wanted to reach out with the value that Umbraco gives to the world. So much so that we gave life to Sweden's first Umbraco Festival. It was a success, as about 70 people gathered to exchange knowledge and experiences. The festival has a given place in the Swedish Umbraco community, and is held annually in various cities in Sweden. In 2016, Webmind was listed as Umbraco Partner, and then took the step and became Umbraco Gold Partner 2018, being one of the world's smallest agencies. in 2023 it was time to level up and we became Umbraco Platinum Partner.

We bring up MVP’s 

Over the years, Webmind has been a place for individuals to develop their skills. Sweden's first Umbraco MVP title went to a Webmind employee in 2016. In 2017, our CEO Jens received a double MVP from Umbraco and Ucommerce. Two other employees were titled Ucommerce MVP 2018 and in 2020 Jens received the title Ucommerce MVP again.

The blog

Sometimes a lot is going on, other times less so and sometimes everything happens all at once. Check our our blog to read the latest

We Are Everywhere. Almost.

...But our head office is located in Gothenburg. As a digital agency, we work without problems on both sides of Sweden's borders. Webmind has solid experience in digital communication, and we constantly strive to evolve. We use the same mentality to strengthen the collaboration both internally and for you as a customer.

We are based in Gothenburg, but you don’t have to be!
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