Is it time for a new website?

5 questions to ask yourself before contacting a web agency

Have you been tasked with finding a web agency to build your new website and quickly discovered that there is a jungle of agencies out there to choose from? We understand you, it's not easy to navigate and find the right one. To help you out, we have listed five things that are important for you as a client to consider before contacting different agencies.

Why do you need a new website?

Many businesses today need to continue growing and evolving, and the website needs to do the same. Perhaps you can continue what you already have, but as technology ages, a new web initiative is usually necessary after a few years. When faced with this project, you need to first ask yourself, "why?" Why do we need a new website? Why doesn't the one we have work? This is important to determine for the foundation of the project. What is the most important thing for you to include on the website? What information does your target audience need? What do you need to include to convert your visitors? By starting to think about why you need to make this investment and what features you need, you begin to build an initial list of requirements. You can use this list as a starting point when looking for a suitable partner, and it will help you find a partner who can assist you in making the right strategic decisions throughout the process.

Are you looking for a supplier or a partner?

What is the difference between these two? The question may sound strange, because for many it may seem like the same thing. For us, a supplier is someone who provides us with what we need and then leaves, while a partner delivers what you ask for and continues to be there for you on the journey ahead. A web agency that can assist you with strategic work, technical development, follow up on your ongoing needs, and provide support after the launch is more like a long-term partner.

So, it is important to consider if and, if so, what kind of help you want from the web agency after your website is completed and launched. So you find an agency that matches your specific needs.

Pick a CMS* – How do you know which one is the best match?

Yes, which of all these CMS options should you choose? The answer depends largely on why you have the need for a new website. Perhaps you simply want a more functional, modern, and visually appealing website? Maybe you are planning to scale up your business and, therefore, need a more complex and scalable solution that can integrate with several other systems. Or maybe it's a combination of everything? Do you want a CMS where you pay ongoing fixed fees or choose one that is completely license-free? Yes, there are many factors to consider.

A website is much more than what appears on the screen. Of course, it should serve as a showcase, give visitors a sense of your company, show off what you offer and what can be done on the site. Usability is something that is very important, both for the visitor and for you. The right CMS is crucial, and it is important to think long-term. It should be easy to use, flexible, and scalable – you should be able to grow with your CMS. Of course, there is much more to consider when choosing a CMS, but conducting a thorough needs analysis and making an informed decision is important early in the process when selecting a web agency.

Many agencies specialize in a single or a few CMS options. If you already know which CMS is best for you, it will be easier to find an agency that can provide what you need. But if you are unsure about which one suits your needs, you can start by contacting agencies (armed with your new requirements list)

to find the one that fits you best.

*CMS stands for Content Management System, which is the platform you use to manage and publish content on your website.

Is the location of the agency important?

Today, especially since the pandemic, we are more accustomed to digital meetings and not as reliant on physical meetings. It doesn't matter as much where your clients or partners are located in the world since meetings can be conducted just as effectively online as in person. This allows you to choose the agency that best suits your needs, regardless of whether you are in Haparanda and the agency is in Gothenburg. If it's important for you to hold physical meetings on-site, then of course, choose an agency within reasonable distance. However, you are not limited in the same way as before.

The final but significant question is, what budget do you need?

Depending on the requirements and complexity, a website can cost anywhere from a few thousand kronor to several millions. Thinking that you should go for the cheapest possible option and choosing the agency with the lowest quote is rarely a good strategy. Instead, you need to ensure that the budget truly covers all your needs. The budget question will inevitably arise when you start receiving statement of work, so that the web agency can assess if it matches the specifications. Perhaps something needs to be scaled back, or maybe a higher budget is required? It's a complex question but crucial to determine an approximate budget before you start searching. Having an answer to this question will make it much easier for you as a client to find the right match and for the web agency to deliver the maximum value for your money.

So when you have considered all the above questions, you will be ready to start contacting agencies. Now you know more about what you need, making it easier for you to match the agency with your requirements. Additionally, you can also consider various factors such as:

  • Look into the agency's experiences and references. Have they worked on similar projects before?
  • Expertise - Do they have project managers, experienced front-end and back-end developers, and expertise in UX/UI design? Everything you need?
  • Processes - What does the agency's workflow and processes look like? How do they work? Will you be able to collaborate effectively?

But one last (and very important) tip is to consider the personal chemistry - the soft values. In this industry, the focus is often on the hard technical values, but our experience shows that the soft values benefit the entire project: good collaboration, effective communication, a positive atmosphere, and a bit of fun - all pave the way for the best result.

If you want to find out if Umbraco CMS + Webmind could be the agency for you, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to tell you more about ourselves!




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