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The Swedish brand Bliz was founded in 2007 and is a part om Future Eyewear Group. The brand offers sports glasses, goggles, sunglasses and helmets for everyone who loves being active and likes to challenge themselves. They offer Swedish designed products who is at the cutting edge in both function, technology and appearance.

Webmind have been working together with Bliz and Future Eyewear since 2017.


Bliz previously had a site build with code that wasn’t optimal for a growing e-commerce site like There were several previous built solutions that didn’t make it possible for the brand to grow online and develop in the way that Future wanted it to do. The old site focused on marketing and brand awareness and for the e-commerce to grow they needed it to build a new converting e-commerce solution. So, we needed to build a more flexible solution for Bliz, speed up the site and give the design a makeover.


To succeed with the challenges we were facing, we choose to build a new site from scratch with Uccelerate. What normally would take several hundred hours in the start-up of the project instead takes half the time and that will give you an e-commerce site for just a fraction of the normal price. This means that the client quicker can begin to sell online, and we can focus on individualizing the functions and design that the client is looking for. We redesign the whole interface to get the flexibility for the solution that we wanted, that means that Future now can easily update the site and adjust the content after season or campaign.

Tech Talk

To get the result we wanted and avoid reinventing the wheel we built the site with Uccelerate. That is Webmind ambitious project together with Ucommerce to create an accelerator for e-commerce. We collected all our knowledge and boiled it down into a flexible foundation to build a complete e-commerce site on. We put a lot of effort into optimizing the page speed and used Lazy Load. To give the developers further flexibility and the ability to use automatic updates we built the new with Umbraco Cloud. By using this service, you save a lot of time and with that you reduce the costs for the client. Not only that, it also provides increased security for the site that uses Umbraco Cloud.


The result is that Bliz now have a flexible and converting e-commerce site that increased sales with 93% compared to the previous year. Since the launch of the new we have been honoured to build two more sites for Future Eyewear.

When it was time to build the new we once again choose to work with Webmind. A reliable partner who gives us great support both during and after launch of the site. Working with Umbraco makes it easy and flexible to build new content and customize the pages. This gives us an e-commerce site that always displays the latest season and products for our customers. Our good collaboration with Webmind made it possible to launch the new in less than 5 weeks, a very successful project that gave us an increase of sales by 93% compared to the previous year.
Pauline Mämpel
E-commerce Manager at Future Eyewear Group Sweden AB

Throughout the whole journey

We believe in long-term client relationships where it is our collaboration that builds success. With well-thought-out design, rich content and a stable technical foundation, we create websites that are easy to administer and lay the foundation for increased sales.

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