Celebrating 5 years as an Umbraco Gold Partner

Way back in 2013, we started working with Umbraco CMS as a platform and since 2018 have been an Umbraco Gold Partner, a partnership we are proud to maintain for the fifth year in a row!

Way back in 2013, we started working with Umbraco CMS as a platform and since 2018 have been an Umbraco Gold Partner, a partnership we are proud to maintain for the fifth year in a row! Being an Umbraco Gold Partner is simply a token of that Umbraco sees us as an experienced and competent partner with high expertise in Umbraco CMS. With this we can also take part in various benefits from Umbraco. This sure is something that brings value not only for us but also for our clients.

But what has being a Gold Partner meant to us in recent years? We pass the word over to our CEO Jens:

5 years as a Gold Partner

It has been five fun and educational years as a gold partner, during these years we as a team have developed a lot along the way. Both our commitment and our ambition have grown, also the agency itself have grown stronger. We've done a lot of fun both with and for Umbraco such as, organizing festivals, having Meetups, attending conferences, training hundreds of developer students in Umbraco and in many other ways contributing to the entire Umbraco ecosystem.

What being an Umbraco Gold Partner mean to us

For us it means many different things. Becoming a gold partner gave us pride and great assurance in what we do. In addition to a seal for our competence in Umbraco, we get great support and more benefits. It has also given us an even closer relationship with Umbraco HQ and has also strengthened our reputation and opportunities in the market.

So, big thanks to the Webmind team for these years. We will continue to focus on Umbraco going forward and will absolutely stay a gold partner for many years to come.

The benefits of working with an Umbraco Gold Partner

But what does it take for a web agency to become an Umbraco Gold Partner and what do you as a customer get out of it? In other words, why should you choose an Umbraco Gold Partner over other Umbraco agencies?

As we mentioned earlier, an Umbraco Gold Partner receives certain benefits and advantages. These may include early access to new features and updates, technical support from the Umbraco team, marketing opportunities, and exposure on the Umbraco website and in the community. It can also increase the confidence of potential clients looking for a reliable and competent Umbraco agency.

To become an Umbraco Gold Partner, we as a company must meet certain criteria and requirements established by Umbraco. These may include:

  • We must demonstrate high experience working with Umbraco and be able to demonstrate successful implementations of Umbraco projects.
  • Our developers and team members must have completed official Umbraco training and certifications to best manage and develop Umbraco projects.
  • We also work with the Umbraco Educational Programme and certify developer student around Gothenburg in Umbraco, a job we think is incredibly fun.
  • We should be able to provide positive references from satisfied clients who have used Umbraco. Some of our references may end up on Umbraco.com itself.

A Gold Partner is expected to work closely with the Umbraco team and contribute to the community by sharing knowledge, developing packages, and participating in events and conferences. This is something we are passionate about, to make Umbraco develop and grow in different ways.

As Jens said, being an Umbraco Gold Partner is very important to us, both because of how it strengthens us within the company but mostly because of all the advantages it gives our clients, the most important this to us. Many thanks to all colleagues, clients and not least the team at Umbraco HQ who have been on this journey so far.

We are here if you have any questions  about Umbraco Gold Partner or about how we could help you.

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