Congratulations Erik and Linus to the MVP titles!

During the weekend's Ucommerce Partner Summit in Århus both Erik and Linus received the honourary award MVP!

MVP stands for Most Valuable Professionals and the honourary award is given for having done something really special and important, which few achieve doing. To become MVP is an incredible achievement, and we here at Webmind are immensely proud of both Erik and Linus!

It has been an incredibly fun journey going from the basic knowledge about Ucommerce at the beginning of the year, to immersing myself and deepening my knowledge to the degree that we now have during this year. To be elected Ucommerce MVP is the icing of the cake on this journey, and a validation that we are doing something really good.
Erik Knutsson – Fullstack Developer / Office Manager Örebro
It is incredibly fun receiving this award. The Uccelerate project has been intense, but one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on. We have grand plans for the future of Uccelerate and with the trust of Ucommerce, and with the help we have received from other agencies, I am super excited!
Linus Dahl – Frontend, UI/UX Designer

They receive their awards for their hard work with the revolutionizing Uccelerate which is Ucommerce's new starting kit, and which completely rewrites and changes how eCommerce with Umbraco and Ucommerce is now created. Many partners the world over have already started working with the starter kit, and the hopes are high that Uccelerate will bring a great increase in ecommerce solutions with Umbraco and Ucommerce.

The motivation from Ucommerce for the awards reads as follows:

Erik and Linus are the Masterminds behind Uccelerate, and has realised the vision of how Ucommerce SHOULD be. Add on top of that, they are super efficient, very pragmatic and very nice guys to hang out with.

These two titles become MVP titles number four and five for Webmind, which is really well done considering that we are such a small agency. On top of the MVP titles, Webmind was also elected Ucommerce Power House for the second year in a row.

During tonight's award ceremony other developers and business people from several other fantastic agencies, like for example Danish Kruso, No Zebra, and Dutch Arlanet also received MVP titles.

So, it has been a great weekend for #webmindfamiljen. It is really fun to see how all our hard work is appreciated and recognized in this way!

Again, congratulations Erik and Linus to your MVP-titles, amazingly well done! And congratulations Webmind to the Power House award!

Keep up the good work!

You can see the full list of this year's MVPs and Power Houses here.

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