EOL is approaching Umbraco 8

Umbraco is constantly working to further develop their CMS and last December they released their latest version, Umbraco 13. In the process of their continuous development, they are gradually phasing out older versions of the CMS. In September 2023, they stopped supporting version 7 and now the same phase out is approaching Umbraco 8. 

In February 2025, version 8 reaches its End-of-life (EOL) date, after this date Umbraco will no longer release new updates for the version. Umbraco themselves do not recommend using a version after its EOL has passed, which is something we also advise against. It is important to note that this doesn't imply that the websites using the outdated version will suddenly stop working after February 2025. Rather, an increased security risk will be associated with the continued use of the older version. Something you also need to consider is whether you have third-party services connected to the website. In that case, it's important to review whether the version of the web solution will remain compatible with their program upgrades. 

What happens until EOL? 

In February 2024, Umbraco 8 entered what they call a security-only phase for one year. This means that Umbraco is no longer working to improve the version but will release new minor versions if security issues are discovered in the system. However, as of February 2025, no further work will be done on this version. 

If you have Umbraco 8, what should you do now? 

With Umbraco 8 heading towards its inevitable EOL we want to give you a heads-up to ensure you have enough time to make well-informed decisions regarding your CMS.  In order to have a stable and secure web solution, we advise you to start planning for a rebuild on a newer version of Umbraco. Maybe take the opportunity to analyze your needs and make sure that your next web solution can help your company grow further. 

If you have any questions regarding what this process would look like for you and are interested in exploring the possibilities of a new, future-proof website with Umbraco 13, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

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