Hurray, Webmind turns 15 years today!

They say that time flies when you are having fun and they are completely right! Today we are turning 15 years and the years has just flown bye.

I started Webmind back in 2004 with the support from my partner Emma. The goal was to start a web agency who built websites for smaller companies. What would distinguish Webmind from other agencies was that we would deliver the whole package, in a way that most agencies didn’t to back then. We would have the whole web “in mind” when building the sites, proper SEO adjustments, readable texts, good image material among other things. In the beginning I worked alone but if I saw the need I hired a web developer for that specific project.

After a couple of years Emma started to work along side with me. When web developers Robert and Linus joined Webmind we started to grow, and they made it possible to accept more advanced cases and clients. Robert was an important part of our team and worked here until 2017. Linus is now on his seventh year here with us and we are so glad that he is onboard this journey with us.

Five years ago, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary in our old office in Vasa. Webmind had then five employees and we were happy with that size. Back then we hade recently started working with Umbraco, and we were already very involved in the community. Although our cases weren’t as big and complex as they are now. We have grown so much as a company since then, not only in numbers and offices but also the way we work and what kind of project and clients we are taking in. Since we turned 10 years, we have moved offices three times, almost doubled our staff, opened a office in a new country, built hundreds of Umbraco-sites, became Umbraco Gold partner, Ucommerce Power House and received a number of MVP-titles.

If I were to sum up the last 15 years in five words it would be: toilsome, hard, stressful but incredibly rewarding.

Our vision for Webmind is to continue to grow slow, stable and smart. We want to grow in numbers and locations without becoming to big and risk losing the feeling of working together as a family. We continue to focus on Umbraco and Ucommerce as our only CMS and e-commerce platform but are broadening our range of services by working more with systems like ERP, PIM and more. We will continue to stay on top with Umbraco and Ucommerce, our competence inhouse and with our work with the community.

Where we are heading? After 15 years we are not sure where we will end up, but we love the path we are on. We are aiming straight forward welcoming all the surprises we meet along the way. The future is bright.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey, all our clients, all the partners, our suppliers and most of all, our employees and all the trainees, current and past that together helped us create the #webmindfamily.


/Jens & Emma


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