This is the new Webmind

Well, new in a lot of aspects, but what hasn’t changed is that we still are a tight-knit team where collaboration is at the heart of our organization, where we stand with our customers through the entire process – from web design through system development to follow-up. But a lot has happened within the company during the past 12 months that has made us grow, both despite and thanks to a lot of challenges we’ve faced. Since the start in 2004, Webmind has been a value-driven company with high ambitions, and it is precisely this that has made us where we are today. 

Webmind 2.0 emerges

A bit more than a year ago, just before the summer holidays, several employees and key people left the company suddenly and unexpectedly. Out of the situation we found ourselves in, a new and upgraded version of Webmind emerged - Webmind 2.0 as a colleague called it. This was the start of a much-needed phase of change, which has been challenging and difficult – but more importantly, has made our company even stronger. 

When we as owners were faced with this new situation, we naturally asked ourselves how we could move forward in a good way, as we had lost parts of the senior competence. It soon became clear that the way forward lay in patient customers, loyal friends and partners, and not least in a team where some of us at that time were not as experienced, but had a big heart, commitment and were willing to work hard to transform and develop. 

We made changes internally, we built up, developed skills, reshaped, created new routines and reorganized. Eventually we also started recruiting. Despite a year filled with "bumps in the road", we made our biggest turnover to date and even a profit. At the end of 2021, we had a new management team, functioning routines and once again a safe workplace with happy customers. 

This is where we are now  

And now, just over a year after the "version upgrade", Webmind is both stronger and better than ever. We are back to the same number of employees as before - and aim to be more! We are proud to be able to call ourselves an open and inclusive company - a team, even though we are more geographically spead out, we are still closer to each other. We are also even more focused on Umbraco. We have a new office at Lindholmen, our new website has been launched and we have also got more lovely customers and projects to look forward to!

Let us introduce the team that delivers first-class web to our customers: 

  • Per Axelsson - Senior Systems Developer
  • Elena Svensson Reutova - Frontend Developer
  • Jonathan Allgulin - Systems Developer
  • Shaheed ulHaq - Senior Systems Developer
  • Poornima Nayar – CTO
  • Joakim Kullberg - Systems Developer & Helpdesk Manager
  • Ester Sandström - Tech Lead & Systems Developer
  • Carl Franke - UX & UI Lead
  • Zandra Sjöberg - Project Lead & CMO
  • Beatrice Larsson - Project Manager & Digital Specialist
  • Emma Trollpil – CFO
  • Jens Josefsson - CEO & Head of Sales

The management group that has consisted of Jens, Emma, Zandra and Ester is now being reinforced by Calle and Poornima.  

Finally, we are grateful to those who brought us here. Customers, partners, friends, families and of course all the awesome employees at Webmind. 


Big thanks to the whole team, now we're moving on towards even bigger goals! 


- Jens & Emma


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