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Exciting news from our friends at Umbraco who recently introduced their new partner program! We’re so proud to finally announce that Webmind continues to be a Ucommerce Powerhouse.

We already met the requirements in the previous partner program for the highest partner level. Now we became among the first in the world and also the first agency in Sweden to agree on the new Powerhouse.

The progress of the new program started during last year’s Partners Summit. The biggest challenge with the previous program was that the requirements to become and maintain a partner were too low. This created a low commitment among those who were partners. With the new program it places much greater demands on partners, for example through competence. In return it offers closer cooperation, more resources and financial benefits. We think it's amazing to be a part of the new program and we also think it's a step in the right direction.

The very core of the program is to have a much more dedicated collaboration with our top tier partners. We want to enable our partners to create a better business, and that starts with us and the product we deliver.
- Hannu Vangsgaard, CEO at Ucommerce

Soon it is time for this year's Ucommerce Partner Summit which this year will be held online. We will sit tight to take part in Ucommerce's plans for the future. The entire agency looks forward to continuing our investment in the platform during the year and to developing the partnership together with Ucommerce and partners from all over the world.

If you want to know more about the partner program, please read the following link



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