Umbraco Sweden Festival 2019 - What a day!

What a day! Thanks to everyone who attended and made Umbraco Sweden Festival possible this year too! #H5YR

Umbraco Sweden Festival an event for everyone who is interested or are working with the Umbraco platform. The festival has been located in Gothenburg for the last two years but for this year’s festival we partner up with Impera communication and decided together that we would try a new city. So, this year the festival was held in the city of Örebro who is not only Imperas hometown but also the same city as we opened our second Webmind office last year.

The festival is a day where you can learn from other people’s experiences, knowledge, tips and this year we learned more about the digital trends that we need to stay updated about.

What fun things to expect

After last year’s success with the new business-track it was obvious to us when planning this year’s festival that we needed to include it this year as well. That means that we during the festival could offer both a tech track aimed at developers and one track where you can learn more about how to grow your business and how you can use Umbraco to make your daily work more efficient. We are so happy that we can offer an event to everyone who loves Umbraco, regardless of what profession you have. The only downside to having two different tracks is that it makes it impossible to pick what to listen to when there is so much interesting to choose from!

Apart from all the new knowledge and inspiration that you will be taking home with you the festival will give you so much more than that, it makes you a part of a community. Here you will meet people who is passionate about the same things as you and we can promise that you will have a really good time here. To warm up a little before for the festival we invite everyone to a pre-party the day before with great food and drinks. A really good way to kick off the festival.

We believe that an Umbraco festival that started with a party should end with an ever more epic party. So, this year after the last session of the day we went down to the wine cellar for some mingle and drinks before we went on a short walk. The goal for the evening walk was beautiful Örebro castle where we had a delicious dinner in a breathtaking venue. This made it a very memorable ending to Umbraco Sweden Festival 2019.

Thank you

Both we and our partner Impera want to give a big thank you to Umbraco and Ucommerce for all the help. And of course, a big thank you to all the speakers for sharing so much with us. But the biggest thank you we want to give to everyone who attended this year’s festival. As we wrote earlier in this post, without you this wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU!

Everyone here at Webmind are looking forward to Umbraco Sweden Festival 2020. We are all sure about one thing; we will see you there!

Thanks to Impera for the use of pictures

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