We are now an Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse

As you might have heard, we love working with Umbraco. We have now been an Umbraco Gold Partners since 2018 and this week we found out that we are now an Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse. Webmind has been offering Umbraco Cloud services to customers since 2016. Therefore, we are extremely happy to be acknowledged for all the hard work we have been doing over the past few years, by receiving the status of an Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse agency. What we have noticed these recent years is that both new and existing customer are inquiring more and more for the possibility of having their site on a cloud service, it is also something we recommend to all our new customers. 

So what is Umbraco Cloud, and why should we use it?

Umbraco Cloud is Umbracos venture to start hosting sites through their own cloud service which is based on Microsoft Azure. Previously, all Umbraco agencies were handling the hosting of their clients' sites themselves, but Umbraco wanted to offer a service which would add value both for the web agencies and their clients. 

We consider Umbraco Cloud a great service as it has been very efficient for our team as it has made our work process much easier. The automation that is included in the service has lead to saving time and helps the team to more easily produce sites together. 

Something that is very important to us is that our development takes place in a stable environment with clear workflows where we can effectively test all new functionality we have created before it goes live. Umbraco provides all this “out of the box”. Today we have a wide customer base who uses Umbraco Cloud, including large international companies, sole proprietors, e-retailers and local authorities. 

As time is what eventually determines the cost of the site, you end up with a lower  productions cost because of the time efficiency Umbraco Cloud leads to. Among other things, the start-up phase is considerably shorter because of the opportunity to start new projects in a fraction of the time it would normally take to set up a new site without Cloud. This means we can focus our production time on features that you as a customer value higher.

We see it as a big advantage for our customers to always have the latest security updates, which come from Umbraco themselves, by sending out the latest version of Umbraco CMS to all the sites on Cloud. With the automated upgrades, the easy installation and the effortless distribution, we believe using Cloud services is the most efficient and productive way to build websites today. Two befinciall elements that are included free of charge in the service is that, all websites automatically have SSL certificates from Umbraco Latch. You also have Umbraco's implementation of Let's Encrypt and Umbraco Forms where we can create and customize forms according to our customers needs. 

The Umbraco Cloud Package are available in 4 sizes which are customized to the number of domains linked to your website as well as the amount of pages it includes. Other criterias that determine the package size is the amount of web traffic and the amount of storage that is needed for your media files. You will have no problem finding a package that best suits your needs.

That was a short summary of the technical benefits but what does Umbraco Cloud really mean to you as a customer?

As we previously mentioned it is very time efficient during the set- up process of the project. Which then leads to us being able to use our expertise to create further functions and added value to your site. By using Cloud you receive a site with much better quality and functions for the same amount, as if it was set up with traditional hosting.

Thanks to receiving a SSL- certificate automatically, your site will be classified as secure by Google. Having a SSL-certificate is actually a requirement nowadays for visitors to be able to access your site via Google’s browser. Addition to the security you also improve your SEO as it increase the chances of your site ranking higher in Google's search results, which is something you always strive for. 

Umbraco Cloud automatically takes care of new security updates and bug fixes. This means that your Umbraco site is always safe live as Umbraco works continuously with both security and new functionality. Without Cloud, these elements as well as new updates of the version, for a secure site as possible. Are something that need to be managed manually. In addition to the Umbraco support that is available, should there be any problems with the hosting of the site, you can be sure that it is something they prioritize resolving directly.

These are only a few of the many beneficial factors but I can promise that there is more where that came from. If you are interested in knowing more about Cloud and how it could be profitable for your business or if you have any questions about Umbraco Cloud, my colleague Joakim is ready with the answers!

Just send us an email to support@webmind.se and we will get back to you!

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