We certify close to 40 students in Umbraco Fundamentals!

Leon has at two different occasions held the course Umbraco Fundamentals, once at IT-Högskolan, and once at Teknikhögskolan. The course is designed by Umbraco, and the participants get to learn the basics of the content management system. With the help of a workbook, they get to try out the different functions, and to build a site from scratch.

In total, 38 students have taken the course, and thus far, 92% of the participants have become Umbraco Certified Professionals! Five of the certified students have earlier this year done their internship here with us at Webmind. Camilla and Molyn who study at IT-Högskolan, and Elena, Jacob and Joakim, who study at Teknikhögskolan, are now thus all five Umbraco Certified Professionals. Really well done, Leon, and all the great students!

This was the first time that Leon held the course, and getting to do it at the same school where he last summer graduated from, must have been a bit extra fun. Here's what he has to say about his debut as educator: 

It's been a lot of fun and quite rewarding, going to these schools to share knowledge in Umbraco. I felt quite at home in both places, but perhaps a bit more at IT-Högskolan, where I just the summer before was sitting in a position 180 degree opposite. I am currently trying to discern which position I like more. The direction, in any case, is Umbraco, and that is brilliant. Many of the students didn't know what Umbraco or a CMS was. They were pleased seeing so much happening, so fast, and so simply. I now look forward to doing a visit of the same kind at Yrgo, later this spring.
– Leon Lindeberg, System Developer

The courses are a result of a new and exciting collaboration between Umbraco, Webmind and the two Higher Vocational Education schools in Gothenburg. Umbraco sponsors with the course fee of 12,000 SEK per student, Webmind with educators, and the schools with facilities and sharp students.

The collaboration brings many advantages to all the involved. The students get a valuable certification, already before they have finished their studies, which gives them great advantages already before they have entered the job market. For the schools, the certification means they can offer their students a broader education, which makes them more attractive to future students. For Umbraco it means that more people get their eyes opened to what a fantastic and friendly tool it is, and with more certified developers, the community, and the use of Umbraco, can continue to grow. For us at Webmind, the collaboration means that we get an opportunity to help in spreading the knowledge about Umbraco and web development, at the same time as we get in touch with competent developers, who now, thanks to the collaboration, already are Umbraco Certified Professionals when they graduate. 

We are very excited about our Education Program and thanks to Webmind, IT-Högskolan and Teknikhögskolan this program has had an amazing start in Sweden. We hope that even more schools will take advantage of this great opportunity and have their students graduate as Umbraco Certified Professionals.
– Helle Kragelund, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

We are very happy to be a part of this exciting and fruitful collaboration, and look forward to getting to hold more courses, and to meeting lots of skilled and knowledgeable students at more schools. Thank you for this round, and congratulations to all the new Umbraco Certified Professionals!

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