Webmind are now Umbraco Gold Partners

We are very proud and happy to finally be able to tell you that our agency is now an Umbraco Gold Partner, the highest level of partnership with Umbraco. We are one of three gold partners in Sweden, and the only Umbraco Gold Partner in western and southern Sweden.

Danish Umbraco is the world's largest Content Management System (CMS) on the .NET-platform. Umbraco increases with an estimated 200% in use on the Swedish market every year, and we find it incredibly exciting to be part of their growth and development here in Sweden.

Becoming Umbraco Gold Partner is something we have been striving for, ever since we first started working with Umbraco in 2014. We here at Webmind regard it as a stamp of quality for our company. As gold partner we will have the opportunity to contribute more to the whole Umbraco community, and through having a closer collaboration with Umbraco, also take part in contributing to the system's future development.

Moving from being a Certified Partner to a Gold Partner means we can continue to develop ourselves and with this, create new, creative solutions for our clients.

Taking the step and becoming gold partner felt natural for us, as we now have just the right circumstances when it comes to resources and competence at the agency.

Becoming gold partner is of course something we shall celebrate with dedication, in proper gold spirit. In honour of the day, we are receiving a visit from Helle Kragelund of Umbraco HQ, who is responsible for Swedish partnerships.

To celebrate our official recognition of our partnership, a buffet table of cake and bubbly will be set and served for the whole Webmind Family.

We have really looked forward to this historical day for Webmind, and are very proud to now belong to the global, exclusive gathering of fantastic agencies.

Webmind has always been a part of the family - all due to their outstanding Umbraco skills and heartfelt dedication in the Swedish Umbraco community. With this natural step of entering the Gold Partner family, I am so thrilled to welcome Webmind officially!
- Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


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