Webmind becomes Ucommerce Power House – for the second year in a row!

The Ucommerce Partner Summit took place in Århus in the beginning of October, and Webmind was of course there! This is a partner meeting that is finished off with a dinner and award ceremony, as the only Swedish agency, we captured the title Ucommerce Power House, and for the second year in a row to boot!

We are truly happy and proud to be one of the selected few who were awarded this title this year, and this is what Ucommerce writes about the Power House award:

Top-level for partners who are dedicated to Ucommerce and who contributes in one way or another to the Ucommerce ecosystem.

There are many advantages of being a Power House, among other things we have our very own, dedicated account manager who helps us help our clients in the best way possible. We get opportunity to collaborate with Ucommerce regarding marketing, which also gives us opportunity to show and market our clients' sites. We gain access to support channels, and get to participate at Partner Summits. Furthermore, we also get the chance to take courses and certify ourseleves in yet more areas.

To be elected a Power House you are required to achieve something special or particularly good for the Ucommerce “eco system” which makes you stand out above all other Ucommerce Partners. Furthermore, very high demands are put on the competence of the developers and on the client contact of the agency.

To once again have received the fine title of Ucommerce Power House is an honour, and we here at Webmind are more than ever eager to continue our exciting collaboration with Ucommerce!



It is of course incredibly fun and humbling to once again be elected a Power House! The fact that we are also the only Swedish agency to receive the award shows what competence and strength we possess for the platform. We also really appreciate both the platform, and the lovely people at Ucommerce and are now more than ever eager to continue to develop and evolve in Ucommerce
– Jens Josefsson, CEO Webmind


On top of the award given to Webmind, our developers Erik and Linus were also awarded MVP-titles, which you can read more about in our previous blog post. Well done, boys!

The trip to Århus was thus a great success for #webmindfamiljen and we are so happy and proud! Now, we look forward to continuing taking on new challenges!

You can see the full list of this year's MVPs and Power Houses here.

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