Webmind is now a Contributing Gold Partner

Nowadays, positive news are very much appreciated and oh were we met by some great news last week. Umbraco HQ announced that they are awarding 26 of their most dedicated Gold Partners worldwide to Contributing Gold Partners and we are incredibly proud that Webmind is one of the selected!

What is a Contributing Gold Partner and how do you
earn this badge?

Umbraco has introduced a new title to highlight the Gold partners who dedicate time, knowledge and hard work to help with Umbraco's growth and development. Every year, Umbraco honours the hardworking people of its community and awards the title MVP to deserving members and this is their way of rewarding the agencies that do the same, a bit like an MVP title to the entire agency. Webmind is a Gold partner who solely works with Umbraco platforms. We have the expertise required but we also do so much more. This award is a receipt for all the hard work we put in but also for actively contributing to the development and improvement of Umbraco.

Webmind has been one of our closets partners for 3 years and has contributed a lot to both the product and the community: Organizing the Umbraco Sweden Festival 3 times, educating future Umbraco developers, contributing with pull requests and so much more. For that we are thankful and Webmind definitely deserves this reward and acknowledgement.
- Helle Kragelund, Umbraco Partner Friend Maker

Here are just a few of the things that we have contributed with and are very proud of

The progression and continued development of Umbraco is something that has always been important to us. Together with Umbraco HQ, we are currently developing a new functionality that will make Umbraco more useful to users all around the world, we promise to tell you more about this when everything is ready! In addition to this, our colleagues Linus and Erik have created starter kits for both Umbraco and Ucommerce, which help agencies and developers get started with their projects faster and simplify the workload with the platforms. But we don't just contribute with technical solutions we also need to have some fun with festivities. Webmind founded the Swedish Umbraco Festival in 2017 and since then we have arranged a number of festivals and meetups to help the Umbraco Community grow in Sweden. Getting Umbraco on the schools agenda is a project that we have actively been working on for several years, which is why we have continuously collaborated with various YH-programs where we receive intern students, lectures on Umbraco out at schools and we also hold courses to certify students in Umbraco. So far, our colleague Leon has helped to certify over 100 students for  "Umbraco Certified Professional" and we have no plans to stop there. Personal growth and development is very important for us at the agency so we always try to make sure that our colleagues have all the certifications needed. As you can see by everything above, Webmind simply loves Umbraco.

The Friendliest Community in the World

We have had the pleasure of receiving two different awards during this spring from Umbraco, but we still want to point out that awards are not something that is often handed out and being awarded this title means a lot to us. The Umbraco world is a circle of Umbraco HQ, the platform itself and the community behind it. Today there are over 220,000 members worldwide who work actively with the platform and if not for everyone's contribution, we would not be growing together at the rate that we want. Umbraco’s community is simply important. Therefore, the awards are very meaningful for the agencies as you get recognizing for the efforts made.

Webmind are Umbraco experts

This is simply an award that has a significant meaning to everyone one of us who works here, a recognition and appreciation for everything we do. Choosing a Gold partner with this badge means that you are working with a partner that actively helps to improve and further develop the software and works effectively for the growth of the Umbraco community. With our expertise and dedication in the Umbraco Community, it makes us a leading agency in Umbraco-based solutions. Whether you are looking for a brand new website, developing new features on your existing website or upgrading your solution, you can rest assured that we are experts in what we do and we are here to help you along the way.

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