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Symetri helps companies in construction and manufacturing industries with leading technology and consulting services to work smarter and to create efficient workflows. With tailored solutions, leading expertise and consulting services Symetri is a reliable partner for everything BIM, product design and lifecycle management. Symetri is also a part of Addnode Group.


Symetri had an existing and older solution from Umbraco and liked the platform, but it was time for an upgrade of the existing site. The old site was available for five different markets but was very difficult to manage when it came to updates for all the different languages. The new solution needed to be able to handle a lot of content that needed constant updates for all their markets with different, cases, news and products. It also needed to be integrated with Symetris internal CRM-system to handle their courses and training events. And apart from the new functionality they also wanted a new and updated design. In the upgrade to Umbraco 8, they got "Dynamic content" which allows you to tag content and then use it on the site's various pages with extenden filtering and categorization.


Since working together on a previous project, we already had a good communication and worked good together.  Symetri showed a great interest in the project from the beginning which opened for an agile collaboration with very good communications. With the project running smoothly we could redistribute the hours and focus on the tasks that would give them the most business value. This gave us a close collaboration where we worked on a joint project. We built the site on a user-friendly solution that would give the company’s content managers a flexible way to work and update for all different markets. They wanted an easy solution to manage their curse so we made a product catalogue without e-commerce so their customers could easily book their desired courses.

Tech Talk

We built the site using Umbraco 8 and our product Igloo. It is our own developed sitebuilder that gives us full control and the possibility to create tailored solutions. The strength from the flexible content management comes from Igloo. The result was a large site with a lot of content and that is available in five different languages ​​and each with its own domain. For course management and internal linking, we connected Umbraco with their own CRM system. With the upgrade, the hosting was moved to AWS, Amazon Web Services. WCAG adjustments have been an important part of the project and much of the GDPR work has been solved with their new cookie management service, Cookie bot.


A successful project where we achieved all the goals we had set together. The result is a site where Symetri can work in an easy way to keep the site alive moving forward.

To build our new site was neither a small nor easy task to do. Webmind have during the project repeatedly delivered beyond our expectations. The whole team combine high technical expertise with creativity and knowledge on how to deliver a project. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long and great collaboration!
Fanny Rådman
Naviate Marketing Manager Global at Symetri Europe

Throughout the whole journey

We believe in long-term client relationships where it is our collaboration that builds success. With well-thought-out design, rich content and a stable technical foundation, we create websites that are easy to administer and lay the foundation for increased sales.

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